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Katharine Andre, DVM

I'm one of those vets who always wanted to be a vet.  I grew up in the Midwest with three sisters and assorted pets: dogs, cats, the mice from school who came home for the summer as a couple and returned as a multitude, even a tank of silkworms that kept all of us busy one summer defoliating every mulberry tree on the block.  Those worms made so much noise chewing that we had to keep them in the garage!

At Kansas State University, I became involved in wildlife rehabilitation, raising ferrets, and working for a crisis intervention hotline.  The crisis management skills I learned at the hotline came in very handy the time I brought 15 baby raccoons home for my parents to "coon-sit" for a week, and the time one of my ferrets latched onto my mother's hand and would not let go.  My family deserves a medal for putting up with me and my four-legged companions.

I graduated from KSU in May 1986, and fled the Midwest with 200 pounds of dogs in a mini-pick-up.  New Jersey here we come.  I was fortunate to be hired in a very busy five doctor practice with a lot of team effort and supervision-a wonderful environment for learning what they failed to mention in vet school.  One of the great people I met there is a board certified surgeon from Australia.  Working with him gave me far more experience and ability in surgery than I could have found elsewhere.  I spent a total of ten years in New Jersey before I overdosed on east coast humidity and Phoenix beckoned.  Currently I share a home with four french bulldogs, 4 cats, a turtle, and a few ponds with beautiful Koi fish.  I feel very lucky to be doing what I love, loving what I do, and slowly but surely making strides to make Bethany Animal Hospital into all I dream it can be.

Elizabeth Charles CVT, Office Manager

Liz worked with Bethany Animal Hospital for almost 3 years as the surgery technician.  Liz shortly left Bethany Animal Hospital in order to spend more time with her family.  Liz made a great return in March 2017 as our Office Manager. 

Liz has a true passion for the veterinary field.  She enjoys working with her patients, teaching new technicians, and educating clients about proper pet care.  In her spare time, Liz enjoys photography and spending time with her family.

Liz has a pack of pups, a handful of kitties, and Stewart the rescued pet rat. 

Paris Steynor, Receptionist

Paris, originally from San Diego California, was primarily raised  in Phoenix, Arizona. Before working with Bethany Animal Hospital, she was the Director of Operations at Renewal Ranch Arizona, and is a certified Equine Assisted Learning professional. Paris found Bethany Animal Hospital while she was a volunteer with Medical Animals In Need.  She loved Bethany’s mission, so she wanted to be a part of the team! She believes one of the most fulfilling parts of her job is watching the amazing transformations of rescued pets unfold through the care her talented colleagues provide. Paris also enjoys providing cuddles and love to the many privately owned pets whom enter our hospital and assisting their parents in getting their questions answered and meeting their needs.

Paris is a mother two human children, but her favorite kids are her pups, Trinity and Speedy.  In her spare time, Paris enjoys volunteering with multiple rescue organizations, party planning, and reading a great novel.

Victoria Pratt, Receptionist

Victoria has been with Bethany Animal Hospital since September 2016.  Prior to working at Bethany, Victoria worked in a Small Animal Practice in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Victoria is a current executive officer for a local dog and cat rescue.  She enjoys advocating for the homeless pets and ensuring they receive the proper medical care and find their perfect forever homes.

Victoria is one of those rare native Phoenicians and moved to Flagstaff to attend Northern Arizona University.  Missing home, she decided to move back to the valley.  Victoria’s best friends are Delilah, her beagle mix, Todd, her shepherd mix, and Theodore, her mini rex rabbit.  Victoria also has a handful of kitty fosters that she homes until their forever family is found. 

Michelle Lewis, Receptionist

Michelle joined Bethany Animal Hospital in December 2016.  Prior to joining the BAH team, she graduated from Pennsylvania State University.  She worked in child education for 15 years, prior to finding her true passion of pet rescue.  Michelle has worked and volunteered with different pet organizations. 

Her true soft spot in life is cats.  Michelle enjoys working with adopters to transition cats to become fantastic companions.  She has bottle fed and weaned many newborn kittens and placed them into great homes. 

Michelle shares her home with Suzie, her boxer pit bull mix, and many cats.  


Kortney Cardelli, Technician 

Kortney Cardelli graduated from Apollo College in Phoenix, AZ in 2004. She proudly received her Veterinary Technician Assistant Certification and has used that knowledge to further her career as a skilled and talented veterinary technician. She is currently employed as the Lead Veterinary Technician Assistant at Bethany Animal Hospital, PLLC since the summer of 2012.

Kortney Cardelli thrives on the “before and afters” of treating some of the most memorable cases of her career. She enjoys the thrill of life saving during emergency procedures. Kortney excels at leading her peers to success and caring for the animals that come into her path. She can provide quick and efficient medical care to any animal in need. She is also looked at as a consultant to her office manager for all staffing concerns and policies.

Kortney worked her way up as a Veterinary Technician to a Lead Veterinary Technician by being able to handle a high pace, high volume surgery schedule with only one doctor and no other assistants. She proved herself and inspired her fellow staff to do the same.

Kortney Cardelli is a member of the Veterinary Health Care Team of Arizona and participates in regular continuing educational programs to further her knowledge and become a better veterinary technician.  

Kortney’s best friends are her Great Danes, Beau and Diesel, Golden Retriever, Charlie, and Kitty, Meow.

Zachary Bragg, Technician

Zac has been with Bethany Animal Hospital since April 2015.  Zac was drawn to Bethany Animal Hospital for the practice’s dedication to help with the many rescue organizations throughout the valley. 

Zac is the founder of one of the local pet rescue organizations and sits on the board of another nonprofit pet association devoted to help keep pets with their families in times of crisis. Ever since he was little, he enjoyed working with rescue animals and is proud to work with a hospital with a mission to help the homeless pet population.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Zac moved to Phoenix in 2009 to attend Arizona State University.  Since finishing school, he chose to endure the summer heat and call Arizona home.  Zac’s best friends are Jameson and Stella.  Jameson is a Boxer Staffordshire mix that was found as a stray in 2015.  Zac adopted Stella from Bethany Animal Hospital in 2015 when she was left here while she was ill with Parvo.  Along with Stella and Jameson, Zac usually has one or two more foster dogs or cats that live with him until a forever home is found.

Melissa Browning, Technician

Melissa is a transplant to the state of Arizona.  She is originally from Tennessee but decided to move to Phoenix for a new adventure.   Melissa has been with Bethany Animal Hospital since the Spring of 2016.  Since working at Bethany Animal Hospital, she has enjoyed working with rescue pets and even rescued Gypsy, a stray dog, off Bethany Home Rd.  Prior to working at Bethany Animal Hospital, Melissa worked several years as a veterinary technician at a cat clinic.  Melissa has mastered working with some of the most fractious kitties. 

Melissa enjoys hanging out with her son, traveling to new places, and cooking.

William Ward, Techinican

Will joined Bethany Animal Hospital in January 2017.  Will was previously a technician for a large animal practice working with cattle and horses in Tennessee.  He enjoyed working with the large animals but has grown to enjoy working with the companion pets that he sees at Bethany Animal Hospital. 

Will has had an amazing journey before settling into Arizona.  He lived in majority of the states and even Germany while a teenager. 

Buttercup and Xena, the two cats, and Ruby, the miniature pinscher, enjoy hanging out with Will in his spare time. 

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