We're pleased to offer the following services at Bethany Animal Hospital:


Our appointment book is computerized which allows us to efficiently make appointments for you and your pet. Our receptionists and team will attempt to accommodate all requests to the best of our ability. If you feel you have an emergency with your pet, please call us or come to the hospital immediately. If possible it is best to call before coming in so that a staff member can advise you on your particular emergency. Appointments can be made for wellness vaccines, sick or medical concerns/needs, and pre-surgical exams, and surgical procedures. Please call and our staff will gladly help to schedule your pet(s) for the care you are requesting and requiring.

Drop Off Examinations 

Customarily, appointments with our doctors are set at a specific time of day. However, if you are unable to stay for an appointment we are happy to offer the option to do a drop-off examination with us for established clients. Because you will not be present to answer our doctor’s questions, you will be asked to fill out a drop-off examination authorization and release. To save time, you may complete this form online by clicking here!  

Preventative Medicine

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), recent startling statistics indicate routine visits by pet owners to the veterinarian are declining while preventable diseases in pets are increasing. We understand there may be cost concerns, scheduling conflicts and other issues you may face just bringing in your pet when there is a problem so we understand the difficulties bringing your pet into see us for things that haven't happened yet. To help where we can, we have implemented guidelines that are designed to provide preventive veterinary medicine without being overly prescriptive, is cost effective for you and healthier for your pet.


Our doctors routinely perform complex orthopedic, soft tissue, and oncological (cancer) surgeries. At Bethany Animal Hospital, we work closely with the local TNR (Trap, Neuter and Release) program to help humanely reduce the feral cat population—For more information click here.

We offer low cost spay and neuter services to our clientele to increase your pet's health benefits and to reduce the pet overpopulation issues our state faces. While we cut costs, that doesn’t mean we cut corners! We tailor each procedure to your pet’s individual anesthetic, pain, post-operative and rehabilitation plan. 

All of our veterinarians at Bethany Animal Hospital in AZ are competent and knowledgeable in the area of surgery. However, there are times when difficult or unusual cases are presented to us. In times such as these we may recommend to have surgery performed by a board-certified veterinary surgeon. Board-certified veterinary surgeons have undergone additional training after veterinary school in order to become a specialist. These specialists are able to offer experience and proficiency in order to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet and your family. 

All surgeries require a pre-surgical exam and possible blood work before scheduling the surgery procedure itself.

Emergency & Urgent Care

We have a veterinarian and personnel on duty 5 days a week who are trained and equipped to handle many urgent care situations your pet may have. Emergencies can be things such a tramatic injury, ingestion of many household toxic substances and plants, hit by car, and ingestion of household items. If you ever feel that your pet needs emergency treatment do not hesitate to call. If possible it is best to call before coming in so that a team member can advise you on your particular emergency.

We are also available for urgent care when the condition is not life-threatening, but you feel your pet needs to be seen before you are able to get an appointment. Our veterinarians will work to "squeeze" you in between scheduled appointments. When you arrive, our receptionists will be able to give you an estimate on how long you may have to wait in order to be seen.

Types of Pets Seen

Bethany Animal Hospital is a small animal practice. We see:

  • Dogs

  • Cats


Bethany Animal Hospital accepts payment via cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Care Credit. So that we can continue to provide you high quality service utilizing the best medical technologies, payment must be made at the time services are rendered. We do not bill or offer payment plans.


We provide treatment plans for all surgeries and hospitalizations. If you have not received an treatment plan, you are welcome to request one at any time for your expected charges.


Bethany Animal Hospital offers discounted services to veterans, seniors and local area rescue groups. Pre-approval is required to qualify for the rescue group discounts, please call us for more information.

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