The pictures are shocking and it’s hard to believe he’s such a good dog despite his horrific injuries. Pippin is doing GREAT so far in foster and has so much spunk and happiness in him. This dog is a true survivor! Pippin’s foster mom says:

“OK – this guy is seriously awesome. He will fetch a ball all day as long as you throw it to him. The blur on his tail is is wagging non-stop. AND when you refuse to throw it any more because you think he might be tired and need a rest because he is not 100% he runs with it to his kennel and lays there chewing it some more.”

Follow Pippin’s journey with MAIN on his web page here:

Hey there, my name is Benny. I was saved off euthanasia list by this great group called M.A.I.N. They took me to BAH and put me in the care of Dr. Andre and Dr. Miller. I am suffering from a horrible case of Valley Fever and a mild case of Mange. M.A.I.N. found me a fantastic foster home and my foster parents are going to be taking care of me for a long time while I heal. The wonderful vets at BAH will make sure I get all my health issues taken care of so one day I can find my fur-ever home!

Hi! My name is Diesel! M.A.I.N. rescued me and brought me to BAH to save my life. I had multiple infections, including a horrible skin infection. My foster mother has worked so closely with the wonderful vets (Dr Katie and Dr. Melissa) to treat my skin condition. Daily emails back and forth and multiple changes in my treatment plan. They have worked relentlessly to find solutions, even consulting with Dermatologists to ensure we are on the right track. I owe my life and my perfect health to M.A.I.N. and BAH!

Hello, my name is Bleu! I was rescued off of death row by an amazing group called M.A.I.N.! I wasn’t exactly the prettiest girl, but that didn’t stop the incredible vets and volunteers that work at Bethany Animal Hospital for saving my life. I had a horrible case of Mange, and it required me to take several medications daily, and take multiple medicated baths each week. My foster mom was a foster failure, and decided to keep me, and give me the most amazing life ever. I owe my life to Dr Katie and the awesome team at BAH.

Dr Katie & her crew at BAH have taken such wonderful care of the wild and crazy terrier puppy Gibbs, splinting his broken leg, patiently rewrapping when he chewed it up, and making sure that he is using the now-healed leg…but most importantly, as his foster mom, I can tell every time I have brought Gibbs in to see the BAH folks, they LOVE the little guy – with true affection and concern for his happiness and health. This makes me so happy and Gibbs so healthy!

Hi, My name is Clover. and I am the first cat that M.A.I.N.rescued. I came in with a badly broken leg from County where I would surely have been euthanized. Dr. Katie had to amputate my leg, since it didn’t heal properly, and she did such a great job that it didn’t slow me down in the least. As soon as I healed I got adopted. Dr. Katie is the best!

Hi, I’m Maggie. I was on death row because of a growth on my stomach about the size of a volleyball. M.A.I.N. brought me to Dr. Katie at Bethany Animal Hospital. The growth had broken open and was very infected. Dr Katie removed my growth and even gave me a little tummy tuck. After some pain meds and antibiotics, I’m all better now. You can’t even tell I had a problem! Thanks Dr. Katie and BAH for helping me get my girlish figure back, and saving my life!

Hi I’m Keira, I was dumped at county with my daughter Erin. We were both covered in Mange and left there to die. The incredible people I now call my family (M.A.I.N.) saved Erin and I from the euthanasia list. We were brought in to see Dr Katie from Bethany Animal Hospital who gave us excellent care; my mom calls me “Cotton Keira.” I think it’s because I’m so soft and cuddly now!

Hi from Denny! Denny doesn’t like to talk much, but I’ll tell you his story. Denny was on the county euthanasia list for having one of the worst cases of Mange anyone has ever seen. I don’t think he had a speck of fur left on his body. After spending time at Bethany Animal Hospital with Dr Katie Andre and receiving superb treatment, Denny was allowed to go to foster. Denny has an incredible spirit, a high play drive, and appreciation for life, Thank you Dr Katie for giving life back to this wonderful boy!

Hi I’m Reilly! I had a horrible case of Mange and I think I heard that I was “gonna go away tomorrow” if someone didn’t come and get me. Well the nice people at M.A.I.N. came for me and took me to see a wonderful lady named Dr. Katie. After that another nice lady named Toby took me to her house for baths and medicine then MORE nice people named Mark and Erica took me to their house for more baths and medicine and lots of follow up care at Bethany Animal Hospital! I am now a permanent resident with my former foster family. Please help M.A.I.N. and BAH so they can help other deserving pups that just need a chance at life!

Hi I’m Buster! I was just 7 months old and scheduled to be put to sleep because I had horrible infections on my back legs. My guardian angels (M.A.I.N.) got me out of that shelter and took me to BAH where Dr Katie and friends wrapped my legs in honey wraps for months and took care of me until I was healthy. My foster mom says I’m GREAT and that I will make someone the PERFECT companion. P.S. I’m one yr old now THANKS TO M.A.I.N. and BAH!

Hello from Cookie, Paddy, Frankie, Minnie and Mickey! We were all saved by our wonderful rescuers from M.A.I.N. and brought to see Dr’s. Katie and Melissa at BAH. We were in pretty bad shape when we got there and were very sad and scared. All the wonderful people there loved us and helped us get better. Now we’re not scared and know what it’s like to live in homes where we are safe and happy. Since our foster mommy is helping us write this, she wants us to tell you that we love you, BAH and will have wonderful lives because of you!

Hi, I’m Khloe! I was rescued off the euthanasia list with a severe case of Mange. People said I looked like a Klingon, whatever that is. After spending some time at BAH with Dr. Katie and friends I went to a foster home where I continued to take my medicine, get baths and lots of love. Dr Katie said I was medically cleared and within weeks I was adopted by my forever family! I am happy and healthy and living the life now. THANK YOU DR KATIE AND EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH M.A.I.N. – I LOVE LIFE BECAUSE OF YOU!